Horse Photography Prices And Information

Its All About You And Your Horse

Working on horse or horse and rider shoots is always a special time.  There is something special about spending time with these amazing animals and its always a privilege to be commissioned for horse photography.  There is nothing more enjoyable than capturing the beauty of a horse or the special bond between horse.  I’m sure you have hundred of pictures on your phone and from shows but this is about creating professional, artistic and stunning images that will last forever.

Horse photography shoots are never rushed.  Locations and styling will be discussed prior to the shoot.  On the day the first thing I do is meet you and your horse, without any kit around so your horse gets a chance to get familiar with me.  Whilst you get prepped for the shoot I will set my kit up.  When you are ready, we introduce the horse to the equipment.  With your horse in hand we spend time ensuring the horse is comfortable with the flash firing.  This normally doesn’t take long but its important so until everyone is relaxed and ready we just keep going.  Only when everyone is ready do we begin shooting.  Thats when the fun starts.