About Marc Huntington Photography

Marc Huntington Photography – Lancashire based sports and equine photographer


Marc Huntington Photography beginnings is quite a common story, young boy picks up a camera and becomes fascinated by it.  The fascination grows over time into a passion and a photographer is born!

From the start there were clear signs of the direction Marc would take.
The technical aspects of photography coupled with a interest in the great outdoor and with animals were the initial catalysts.  Then a personal interest in sports grow as Marc got involved in skiing, snowboarding, horse riding, rugby and cycling.
It wasn’t an immediate connection but over time the two interests over lapped.
Skipping forward a few years to today, Marc has been a professional photographer for a good few years.  He opened his first studio with his wife in 2011, he has taught photography in the UK and abroad, given demonstration for some of the biggest photography companies in the world and has met lot of amazing clients.  It been hard work but an amazing journey,
Marc now shoot with some of best kit on the market , including a Hasselblad H4D-31 camera, a Canon 5D mkIII camera and Broncolor lighting, to ensure his work is of the highest standard.
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